In 2006 I shot the ‘Scottish Widow’ for an exclusive calendar, and Scottish Widows invited me back to update the brand photography.

For the first time ever Scottish Widows created filme footage as well as taking still shots. The live footage will be used as moving 'logos' to enhance the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of the Scottish Widows website, and within the broader digital advertising programme. The new photos are also today being released to the Facebook group who follow the Scottish Widow.

Stuart Green, senior brand manager, commented: “Scottish Widows is always looking for new ways to bring the iconic image of the Scottish Widow to life. David was a real find for the brand back in 2006, and we are delighted to invite him back on board to shoot the new Scottish Widows photographs. David has brought a fresh interpretation to the brief, helping the Scottish Widow to step out of the confines of traditional imagery to become a moving logo, while preserving her iconic status.”