It’s that time of year when the good weather turns up. By far my favourite season to shoot landscapes, big skies, amazing light and no need for 3 am starts. I can’t wait to get out the door. To see more of this stuff head my new site, click location and look for the Weather project.



This has been one of my favourite jobs in a while, allowing me to pursue my love of the Dutch masters. I’ll be hanging this one in the house … This campaign promotes the National Library of Scotland's free exhibition 'Northern Lights: The Scottish Enlightenment.'From David Hume to Adam Smith, figures of the Scottish Enlightenment created, discussed and refined ideas that challenged established views and had a profound effect on the society we live in. Their ideas of science, philosophy, language and economics shook the world.

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Super chuffed that this shot the YMCA Christmas card came first for Best Photography at this years Roses.

Commissioned by Gerry Farrell Ink.

Commissioned by Gerry Farrell Ink.


After working on this labour of love for over seven years I finally got to show off my film about The Stranglers . It screened to a packed house in cinema one in the legendary Ritzy in London and received a standing ovation … phew !!



My Mum swung by my studio the other day. I was in the middle of a prelight for an up and coming shoot. I made her sit in and this is the result. Not bad for 82… thanks mum.



These beauties belong to Dave Greenfied legendary keyboard player with The Stranglers. Dave once topped the NME readers poll for best keyboard player beating, Rick Wakeman, Elton John and John Lord … not bad.

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Here’s my latest Pledge update for the feature documentary I’m making about The Stranglers. It Premieres in London on 12th of April 2019 at the beautiful Ritzy cinema in Brixton.


It’s that time again, how are you all ? I’m just back from spending two days with Dave Greenfield shooting his interview for the film, what a treat and what a gentleman.But between now and October the 1st it’s all about the archive as we prepare for the 3 month edit. I’m digging as hard as possible to find and locate as much unseen content as I can. Not as easy as you’d think but fun all the same. The shot for this latest post is a selection of images of Dave from his photo album … he’s clearly always been cool.

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I’m currently making a feature documentary about The Stranglers. I’m now two thirds of the way through the formal interviews with approximately 40hrs of footage to date, this doesn’t include the backstage chat and not to mention what we capture from the remaining 6 interviews yet to be shot. Having had  all the interviews transcribed I can now start to piece together the story for the film. This starts with a rough paper edit before we take our first draft into the edit suit on October 1st. This is a lot closer than I care to think about right now.

The interviews have been fascinating and everyone has been as open and honest as their memories, egos and relationships allow and for that I will be eternally grateful.

The still features Garry Coward Williams who we interviewed in London in May 2018. For those of you who don’t know Garry he is credited as being the bands first official photographer and possibly their earliest dedicated fan. This relationship came about after a chance meeting in a boozer long before the band were even signed. This clip tells the story of how 15 year old Gary and the band met.




Finally after 6 years trying get this off the ground I’ve managed to secure funding to complete the film. So in April 2019 my first feature documentary will be screened in the legendary Ritzy cinema , Brixton , London.

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Just finished off three beautiful brand films for Brown Foreman. Click on the image to see more.


Recently had a great break in Lochavich where I was treated to two amazing foggy mornings back to back. Right, place, right time, right good fun. Never got that lie in though …



It’s always nice when you get a nomination for awards but this year I shot two of the three nominations for best use of photography at The Roses Creative 2018.

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I had the pleasure of photographing Belle & Sebastian for their up and coming tour. What a lovely bunch of people and a fun shoot.



Th is first time I’ve shot an ATL style campaign which has will be rolled out over the main Social Media platforms Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. A lovely job including live action and stills to go live on match each match day.



I loved shooting this job for Well Child and The Book Of Everyone.

The world is changing for kids at breakneck speed. We are smack bang in the middle of the selfie generation. A generation where one third of children between the ages of 11 to 15 are being cyberbullied. Children aged 5 to 16 spend an average of 6.5 hours a day in front of a screen. And Google is their go-to teacher. More screen time means less human time. What should we be saying to children today? Does the advice that we were given as teenagers still stand the test of time? Is our advice more important today than ever?

The photo series was created in collaboration with WellChild with the aim to raise money for sick children this Christmas. Cat Jones, a WellChild nurse, chooses ‘You are enough’ as her three wise words. She explains: “Social media is making kids strive to be more perfect, more beautiful, more of everything. It stops them enjoying being themselves. The obsession with getting likes on social media doesn’t actually mean anything.”

Others taking part in the ‘Three Wise Words For Kids’ project include a children’s law barrister, a video game developer, a teaching assistant for severely disabled children, a health visitor, a boxing coach, a special needs tutor, an athletics coach, a paediatrician, a childminder, and a global children’s charity worker.

These people hear firsthand young people’s hopes, fears, and dreams. And they understand better than anyone the gap between what we wish kids knew and what we actually tell them. You can see the whole series and the stories behind their words at 3

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2017 Above The Line Campaign for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Let me tell you creating a splash of tartan was no mean feet.


I had no idea you could get sunstroke in Scotland until now. I was lucky enough to shoot the latest student campaign for The Royal Bank Of Scotland but was treated to my first ever bout of sunstroke. I’ve shot all over the world and survived but who would have thought I’d be wiped out in Scotland. It meant day two was extremely interesting …



It’s always good to get a best photography nomination, but this one’s particularly sweet as it’s with the mighty Punk Creative who are up for three awards at this years Roses for Glasgow Folk … good luck you lot.

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Stay Smooth Glasgow Wins Gold

Whyte & Mackay wanted to make an emotional connection with the audience in their hometown of Glasgow. As part of our wider ‘Stay Smooth, Glasgow’ campaign we street cast and shot 24 real Glasgow folk (and one dog). Their portraits commissioned by PUNK Creative captured the breadth of the city’s ‘smoothness’ and became ‘Glasgow Folk’, a magazine and an exhibition celebrating the people that make the city what it is. Exhibiting the Whyte & Mackay, Glasgow Folk images in Govanhill Baths and around the city was definitely one of the highlights of the year. The exhibition won Gold at The Roses.

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Real Glasgow Folk are at the heart of my latest exhibition featuring twenty-five never seen before portraits which spotlight the city’s unique sense of style – with some surprisingly smooth characters, including a retiree ballet dancer, a dapper factory worker, and an ex-burlesque dancer. The exhibition is commissioned by Whyte & Mackay,  to celebrate the city we love and the people that make it what it is.


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